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Gallery reopens with exhibition featuring musical theme

16 June, 2022   /   Shanghai, China

Bluerider ART Shanghai, a gallery in a century-old historic building in downtown Shanghai, has reopened to the public after being closed for the past two months during the COVID-19 lockdown.

"The Blue Danube," an exhibition which has been extended until the end of this month, shows the representative works of 12 artists from different cultural backgrounds using multiple media, including painting, sculpture, installation, photography and mixed media. 

Many of the exhibits are the artist's latest works, making their debuts on the Chinese mainland.

The exhibition's three parts – "Community Symphony," "Natural Aria" and "Space Rhythm" – echo the musical theme and talk about the relationships between people, between people and nature, and between people and space.


Rine Boyer's figurative painting "Halftime" features simple colors and small iconic shapes representing each individual, especially hipsters in Chicago. She creates her unique style and links the figures to the underlying themes of culture, personality and group dynamics.

Text-based visual artist Jonathan Rosen brings his "Dream Machine" to explore his interest in human desire and dream manifesting. The installation "I Want (Dream Machine)" is a time-based media sculpture with two-way mirror glass, powered by a small computer that randomly displays approximately 1,000 phrases at a frame rate that is synced to the shutter speed of a camera phone. Different human desires are reflected on the interactive mirror: "I want to be famous;" "I want to be cool;" "I want you close to me."

Eunice Cheung Wai Man from Hong Kong is an emerging artist in Chinese gongbi (a careful realistic technique in Chinese painting) painting of animals. Her research is about the changing relationships between humans and animals throughout the history of Chinese art. 

Her work "The Bird Dance Cup – Tribal Dancers" portrays the little birds in detail with ink and color on silk, expressing her idea of respecting the life of all things.


Exhibition info:

Date: Through June 30 (closed on Mondays), 10am-7pm

Venue: Bluerider ART Shanghai

Address: 133 Sichuan Rd M.


Source: SHINE