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2022 UNESCO Creative Cities of Design Online Work Meeting

16 June, 2022   /   Shanghai, China

Hosted by Curitiba, 2022 UNESCO Creative Cities of Design Work Meeting was held online on 22 February. 95 people from around 35 cities participated in the meeting.


The meeting introduced and welcomed Covilhã, Doha and Whanganui, new member cities designated in 2021.

There were four main topics in the meeting:“Design & Policy”, “Design & Education”, “Design & Communication” and “Design & Business Development”.

1/Design & Policy

·A new master design for policy

·A new French Design Council

·Eurofabrique, under the EU French Presidency,collaborations between French  or other country schools. How to rethink Europe?


Figure of anti-hero——from workshop Wernher Bouwens

2/Design & Education

·Presentation of results from the Street Design Challenge

·Discussion on carrying out an online workshop focusing on two topics: design education for children and how to encourage design thinking by using workshop or events targeted for children

·Debate on creative ways design education can help to carry forward a city’s unique culture and history

·How can we work with the UNESCO Secretariat to include design and creativity capacities as strategic tools for sustainable development in the revision of the 1974 Recommendation?

·General announcements about future projects, cooperation initiatives other cities can join, pitch project ideas the group can do together


the Street Design Challenge


3/Design & Communication

·Sharing strategies and best practices to improve awareness about our cities’ title.

·What’s your city’s plan for communication and awareness raising in the future?

·Creating a collaborative communication program. eg. Set up a database of the communication materials for all cities of design.


4/Design & Business Development

·Update Automotive Project “Auto Fiction” from Saint-Étienne

·Upcoming festivals and international meetings relevant to the network of design and business

·Call for fresh good cases in different fields like Circular, Sustainable, Social, and Inclusive Design


From Autofiction © Curtis Schreier


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