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Colorful buildings in Shanghai perfect for photos

30 Sept, 2021   /   Shanghai, China

Have you noticed those colorful buildings in Shanghai? The Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism has recommended many colorful buildings in Shanghai worth checking in. There are various small houses on Caiwu Street, the colorful buildings in Disney Town, and the Wisdom Bay Science and Technology Park filled with colorful containers… Let's take a look together!

Colorful House Street


Small houses of various colors are scattered like a Rubik's Cube along the Xialian River, with unique shapes and harmonious color, adding a touch of beautiful color to Lingang. Oujing Town, with its unique shape and colorful facades, is vividly called "Colorful House Street" with a total construction area of 29,600 square meters.

Address: Lane 333, Xia Li Road, Pudong New District

Disney Town


The entire space of Disney Town blends into the wit of Chinese classical gardens. By the sparkling Starwish Lake, there is a rainbow house near Donald Duck, which is a good place for photos, and no tickets are required. There is a large lawn on the other side of the colorful building complex, facing the lakeside, perfect for taking pictures and sunbathing. If the weather is good, it would be great to meet a few friends for a picnic.

Address: No. 753, Shendi North Road, Pudong New District

Chuangxiang Tower


It used to be the site of the former Shanghai Quilt & Clothing factory. The existing historical building is a three-story warehouse with a watchtower, with a total construction area of nearly 10,000 square meters. Today, after the renovation of this historic building, it has been transformed into a shared business community for urban youth-Chuangxiang Tower· x tower. Every building in the Chuangxiang Tower Cultural Park has the classic color combination of red, yellow and blue. The red and white staircase at the corner of the main building is also a good place to take pictures. 

Address: No. 100, Yejiazhai Road, Putuo District

Internet-viral Green Building


This green building at the intersection of Yongjia Road and Taiyuan Road is full of creepers. Although it is not an old house with many stories, the arc-shaped stairs and round arch windows hidden by the green leaves complement the surrounding old houses.

Address: No. 425, Yongjia Road, Xuhui District

Source:Shanghai municipal administration of culture and tourism

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