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UNESCO City of Design Subnetwork Meeting 2020 // ONLINE PANEL DISCUSSION

12 Oct, 2020   /   Online


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The social, smart and sustainable design of future cities

The UNESCO City of Design Subnetwork Meeting 2020, which is being hosted by Graz and supported by St. Étienne, focuses on the social, smart and sustainable aspects of urban development. From October 5th to October 7th the conference will take place as a hybrid form – online via Zoom and live in a Studio in Graz.

During the conference we will discuss the development and design of future cities in three short films, keynote speeches and panel discussions with international experts, urban planners and designers: 

The architect and urban designer Andrea Paoletti, the publicist and pioneer in urban development Charles Landry as well as the architect and professor for urbanism Aglaée Degros will give short lectures on the three topics of Social Design, Smart Cities and Sustainable Cities.

DAY 1 

1. City of Literature Melbourne shares how their "Buddy System" is running.

How can we make the "System" more systematic and sustainable? Let's see what the literature cluster is doing!

Cities buddying in our design cluster:

o   Asahikawa, Japan--Nagoya
o   Baku, Azerbaijan-- Dundee
o   Bangkok, Thailand--Wuhan
o   Cebu, Philippines--Bandung
o   Fortateleza, Brazil-- Curitiba
o   Hanoi, Vietnam--Singapore
o   Muharraq, Bahrain-- Saint-Etienne
o   Querétaro, Mexico--Puebla
o   San José, Costa Rica- Greater Geelong

2. Presentation of the design research programme by Anna Whicher, Cardiff University, Researcher

A Collective Project from Policy Group led by Dundee 
Design Mapping - Proposal to Map the Design Ecosystems of the UNESCO Cities of Design and Develop Design Action Plans

In this session, we discussed our collective project with Anna Whicher, Researcher Cardiff University. 

3. Panel Discussion Social Design

On the first day of the annual meeting we want to determine which instruments and procedures can be used to positively influence and shape the social fabric and quality of life in a city in the sense of "social design". The architect and social designer Andrea Paoletti gave a key-note speech on the inclusive conception of design and talk about humans and social co-existence as the centre of social design in cities.

Kick-off Video Social Design (5min)
Including statements by

  • Sophie Lanctot - Société Logique, Montreal

  • Philippe Gauthier - Associate Professor, School of Design, University of Montreal

  • Andrea Paoletti, Architect & Social Designer, Casa Netural, Matera

  • Susanna Camerlengo, Community Managerin, Casa Netural, Matera

  • Luis Mokorao, Cofradía Vasca de Gastronomia, San Sebastián

  • Andrea Vattovani - AVA Andrea Vattovani Architecture, Graz


  • Andrea Paoletti, Architect & Social Designer, Casa Netural, Matera

Panel Guests

  • Andrea Paoletti, Architect & Social Designer, Casa Netural, Matera

  • Sofija Kaljevic - Architecture and Integral Design, Deakin University, Geelong

  • Karl Stocker, Professor of Design and Communication, FH JOANNEUM, Graz

  • Rainer Rosegger, Professor for Sociology, Graz 

Best Practices by UNESCO Cities of Design

  • Kris Dekeyzer, Project manager "TRIPOD" Urban design in public space, Kortrijk

  • Erica Elk -The Better Living Challenge, Capetown


1. Discussion panel: Design Schools' response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Design Schools around the world came up with creative solutions to adapt their curriculums and learning environments in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this panel, we seek to discuss the impact these changes caused to students, teachers, and institutions. 

The session began with a 5-minute presentation from each panelist, who presented their experience or research, followed by a debate with questions from the audience.

2. Panel discussion - SMART CITIES  3:00 pm - 4:30 pm CEST (open for public)

A number of urban development projects around the world have been launched under the term "Smart Cities" in recent years. Behind this are diverse and often widely divergent considerations of how to design a city in such a way that it is as "smart" as possible for a wide variety of tasks. The British researcher, publicist and inventor of the "Creative City Concept" Charles Landry gave a lecture on the second day and talk about the "digitized city".

Kick-off Video Smart Cities (5min)
Including statements by

  • Markus Pernthaler, Smart City Graz

  • Bertram Werle, Head of City Planning Directorate Graz

  • Nadine Kuhla von Bergman, Creative Climate Cities, Berlin

  • Jens Libbe, German Institut for Urbanistik, Berlin

  • Francesco Paolicelli, Open Design School, Matera

  • Věra Jourová, EU-Commissioner for Values & Transparency


  • Charles Landry, Publicist and Pioneer in Urban Development, London

Panel Guests

  • Charles Landry, Publicist and Pioneer in Urban Development, London

  • Sybille Bauriedl, University of Flensburg 

  • Reni Hofmühler, Artist, Graz

  • Anke Strüver, Karl Franzens University Graz, 

Best Practices by UNESCO Cities of Design

  • Cezanne Charles and John Marshall - rootoftwo, Detroit

  • Elena Deambrogio, Manager of Torino Smart City Project - Turino City Lab

DAY 3 

Panel discussion - SUSTAINABLE CITIES  3:00 pm - 4:30 pm CEST (open for public)

Panel Discussion and Keynote by Aglaée Degros

In view of climate change and the fact that more than half of the world's population already lives in cities that are constantly growing, the organisation and design of cities with their effects on resource consumption are of central importance in overcoming this millennium challenge. Aglaée Degros, architect and professor for urbanism, re-interprets the relation of mobility, landscape and urban development in various research and design projects and will give a lecture on the third day of the Subnetwork Meeting.

Kick-off Video Sustainable Cities  (5min)
Including statements by

  • Maé Durant Vidal/ Elisa de los Reyes (Peze Studio), Architects and Designers, Bilbao & Madrid

  • Bernhard Inninger, Head of City Development Graz

  • Andreas Goritschnig, Architect and Artist, Breathe Earth Collective, Graz

  • Karl Stocker, FH Joanneum, Graz

  • Sigrid Bürstmayr, FH Joanneum, Department Design, Graz


  • Aglaée Degros, Architect and Urban Planner, Technical University of Graz

Panel Guests

  • Aglaée Degros, Architect and Urban Planner, Technical University of Graz

  • Husam al Waer, University of Dundee, Architecture and Urban Planning, Dundee

  • Paulina Cornejo Moreno Valle, Mexico City

  • Sigrid Bürstmayr, FH JOANNEUM, Department Design, Graz

Best Practices by UNESCO Cities of Design

  • Jeremy Cheval and Frederic Cadet, Agence Ecodesign, St.Étienne

  • Daniela Tahira, Curitiba 

Source:Graz UNESCO City of Design