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Artist's inspirational coronavirus paintings on view

15 Sep, 2020   /   Shanghai, China

A Chinese artist has been creating one ink-painting every day since the novel coronavirus outbreak began in central China’s Hubei Province in late January.

Shu Yong, a 46-year-old contemporary artist from central Hunan Province, has so far created some 120 works, mainly in the traditional Chinese ink-painting style.

“The daily painting practice aims to use traditional Chinese symbols — mountains and water — to express the value of the global community with a shared future for mankind,” Shu said.

An exhibition of his paintings was launched at the Baopu Art Museum on the North Bund in Hongkou District on Friday. Titled "Tribute to Heroes," the show is open to the public free through August 28.

Shu said he wanted to combine stories about the global fight against COVID-19 with his own positive thinking and artistic inspiration.

In one of the paintings, "Fighting Wuhan," created by Shu on February 7, a towering mountain looks like a giant clenched fist pointing toward the sky.

"The fist symbolizes courage, determination, firmness and solidarity," Shu said.


One of the serial paintings, titled "Fighting Wuhan," created by Chinese artist Shu Yong.

Another work created on May 5, the 100th day of his practice, shows a mountain in the shape of a thumb with a medical worker in hazmat suit standing on it. The painting, “Elegance on the Thumb,” aims to showcase the best human qualities of those fighting against COVID-19 on the front line.

In one series of paintings called “Diffusion,” the artist painted world landmarks in the Chinese landscape style, such as the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the Huanghe Lou, or Yellow Crane Tower in China’s Wuhan City, to encourage people from different countries to jointly fight the pandemic.

“The landscape paintings are not only a unique Chinese art form but also an important medium to communicate with nature,” Shu said.

All of the paintings will be donated to the China Foundation for Peace and Development and auctioned. The earnings will be used to set up a non-profit foundation, according to Shu.


One of the serial paintings — "Standing Morning Star" — created by artist Shu Yong.

A visitor views an exhibition of paintings created by Shu Yong about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: SHINE