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Acts of kindness uplift the spirit of Shanghai

31 Mar, 2020   /   Shanghai, China

Jing’an sits at the heart of Shanghai. It represents the essence of the history and culture of the city, home to century-old buildings, big-name attractions, glitzy retail malls and charming art galleries. Annual music and art events give the district a distinctive ambience. 



Tulips are gifted to the medics at Huashan Hospital to thank them for their contributions to the COVID-19 fight.


Workers at the Jing’an Kerry Center and even passers-by receive tulips as gifts.


A deliveryman takes a drink from a shelf at the Jing’an Kerry Center. Workers at the site supplied the drinks to repay the kindness of floral gifts.

Acts of kindness taking place across Jing'an have uplifted the spirit of the district during the coronavirus pandemic.

What better than spring blossoms to give us hope and a sense of renewal! What nicer than tulips to say thank you to those who have served the public during trying times!

In that spirit, a project was initiated to send 300,000 tulips to medics, policemen, volunteers and grassroots officials working on the front line of the epidemic in six districts.

In Jing'an, hospitals and community centers received 30,000 tulips. Huashan Hospital, which has been at the forefront of the anti-virus campaign, received an additional 6,000 blooms.

The south square of the Shanghai Railway Station was decorated with 10,000 red, yellow, pink, purple and white tulips, catching the eye of people returning to Shanghai.

“I will resume work next Monday,” said a young woman surnamed Wang. “How lovely to be greeted with these flowers upon returning to Shanghai. It makes me feel encouraged.”

Officials and volunteers at the railway station who have been safeguarding entry and exit points received 3,000 tulips as gifts. They included those patrolling the station and taking the temperature of arriving passengers.

At the Jing'an Kerry Center, 9,000 tulips were sent to white-collar workers. In addition, small gifts, like cups of coffee and makeup boxes, were given to cleaners, deliverymen, courier crews, security guards and taxi drivers.

“I returned to work today,” said a white-collar worker surnamed Li. “The blooming tulips along the roadsides and around my office building are really eye-catching. They make me feel happy and special.”

When she went downstairs to fetch a takeaway for lunch, she found small pots of tulips placed at the gate as free gifts for her and other workers.

“Wow!” she said. “I didn't expect that! I will buy some drinks and snacks and put them on the shelves to repay the kindness.” Deliverymen were equally pleased by the gratitude.

“I chose a Heytea drink. Every one loves it,” said a deliveryman surnamed Sun, who has been working for the Meituan on-demand service platform for four months. “These drinks are expensive, and today I get one for free. Many thanks.”

Source: SHINE